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Thinking of selling? 4 Advantages of hiring a Lake specialist as your Agent

Posted by Gull Lake Realty on June 23, 2022

selling lake homes with a Realtor

When selling your lake home, you want the best of the best on your side, and in real estate that usually boils down to knowledge and experience. It can be tempting to hire a friend or the local agent with a big budget from a billboard, but we believe there are advantages to taking the time to find and hire a Lake specialist as your Agent.

  • Critical Lake Knowledge: Lake home buyers want lots of information when they are considering your lake home. They’ll want to know about rules, regulations and restrictions on the lake, water levels, flood history, typical lake usage, types of fish and lots more. Agents that only focus on residential “homes in town” lack critical lake knowledge that only an expert in local lake property has.
  • Access to More of the Right Buyers: Most Realtors can offer exposure in their local market, but lake specialists will have access to buyers around the country through non-traditional marketing, networking and past clients. And if they’re part of a brokerage that also offers a lake specialty, this reach will increase exponentially. Having a larger pool of buyers makes selling your home easier, as lake home buyers often come from outside your local area. 
  • Intelligent Pricing: Waterfront real estate is a specialized market. Your competition may start with the house next door, but it certainly doesn’t end there. Buyers may be looking at lake locations across the country, and a Lake homes expert will have the pricing knowledge to make sure your home compares to lake homes around the area and beyond, and is priced appropriately. 
  • Increased Exposure to Your Property: As mentioned above, Lake home agents will use non-traditional marketing to feature your home on third-party websites and advertisements where your ideal buyers are. Your home will be given priority exposure that a traditional residential agent simply cannot compete with on just the MLS.

When deciding to sell your lake home, it only makes sense to go with a lake expert!

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